Sunday, June 27, 2010

My little girl

We had our anatomy ultrasound just over a month ago (May 21st), and much like Benjamin's ultrasound, it's taken me this long to having more than just "a baby" growing inside my belly. If you couldn't guess from the post title, we're expecting to give birth to a little girl! See, she's already a drama queen! (That's her arm she's throwing over her face.)

So far, this pregnancy has been so different from what I experienced with Benjamin. His was a pretty easy pregnancy, nothing too special to report. I had mild pregnancy-induced anemia with him, and I spent my entire second trimester sick with bronchitis. However, the bronchitis isn't really unique to the pregnancy, as I get it every time I have a cold, but it took much longer to treat because I didn't want to be aggressive in the antibiotics during pregnancy. I had some swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet, but I did stand for about 10 hours a day at work, and the swelling went away overnight. I had no nausea, and no heartburn...until I was in labor (and then I couldn't stop vomiting, but I'm told this is a good thing, and I had my first heartburn 16 hours into the labor when I munched on an ice cube). Labor was hard, 18 hours of active labor, even though contractions started 2 days before I decided it was time to go to the hospital. It was all back labor, and I finished with a 4th degree tear when his head and shoulders came out in one push (I only had to push for 30 minutes...pretty excellent for a first timer!!).

This pregnancy started so differently. I had horrible nausea and morning sickness for the first 12 weeks. I gained no weight in that time (with Benjamin, I had already gained 7 pounds), but I was lucky that I didn't loose any weight either. I had to make a trip to the Urgent Care clinic on the day of Benjamin's 1st birthday party to request IV fluids because I was so dehydrated that I couldn't stop the vomiting. As I started filling out the pregnancy body, the weight is distributed more on my hips and less in front. After gaining no weight for the first 12 weeks, in the following 8 weeks, I have gained 17 pounds! I was freaking out just a little that I might gain more than the 30 pounds I gained with Benjamin (but I have full confidence in my body for loosing the extra weight - I lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks post-partum.), but I think it all makes sense now. Now, I have the Never-Ending Heartburn. Yes, I have given it it's very own title. Everything gives me heartburn: milk, water, toothpaste (which I don't even swallow...),Tums, sitting down, lieing down, standing up and stretching. I have pretty severe pregnancy anemia this time, so I'm not supposed to take any Tums at all because the calcium can block iron absorption, but I do sneak some in with the hope that it will do something for just a little bit. I'm getting used to it though, but it does mean I don't eat nearly as much as I was between Morning Sickness and the Never-Ending Heartburn. I don't think I'll put on the 50 pounds I was scared of. :-) So, with the major differences in pregnancy symptoms, I have guessed from the beginning that the baby would be a girl!

Here's another picture of my little girl, whom we have decided to name Miriam Elizabeth.

Answers to the questions I hate the most:
1. When exactly is your due date?
We are only telling people "October." This is for several reasons. We have not been able to determine an exact due date as we weren't quite expecting to become pregnant and the ultrasounds have been "inconclusive" for dating. All we have is a 2 week possible range. My OB will also not be inducing me, except in the case of danger to the baby, because of this, and because both he and I believe if the baby is not preparing to leave my body, it's because she's not ready. Also, Benjamin was 10 days late from the due date and I was sick and tired of the harrassment of "Any baby yet? Why are you still here at work? Are you still pregnant?" I don't want to hear that this time. So while there is an arbitrary "date" set in my doctor's file, I'm not sharing it.

2. Aren't you glad you're having a girl?
Why, yes, I am be having a healthy baby! It makes absolutely no difference to me if this baby is a girl or a boy. I was not hoping or planning for one or the other. Frankly, things may have start out easier if this baby was another boy. I already have all the clothes I need for a boy. I wouldn't have to be worrying about how long I can keep the two children in the same bedroom before we have to move to a 3 bedroom home. And I love my little boy so much! I would never wish him to be anything but what he is!

3. Are you done having kids now?
Actually, most people state this question as a matter of fact. "Oh, the perfect family! Now you can be done having kids." It's very nice they all think this way, but it was not my goal to have one boy and one girl child. My family was perfect with just Chris, Benjamin, and I. It is even more perfect with Chris, Benjamin, Miriam, and I. And should we decide we would like another child added to the family, it will only become even more perfect and special! The only factors that play into our decision of how many children to have are, "Can we financially support our family?" and "Can we emotionally support our family?" There is no ideal number of family members in our minds.

As you can see, I've been remiss at being regular to update this blog. I may not post anything until near labor or post-birth. For more regular and current updates in my life, feel free to friend me on Facebook! (search for pfarfigknittin(at)yahoo(dot)com and write me a little message to explain who you are if I don't know you in real life!)