Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting my hair did

I have LOTS of stick straight fine hair. It's a serious torture device in the summer. The one summer that I spend all day everyday outside, the summer I worked at a camp for the mentally and physically disabled, I actually went so far as to shave my head. Maybe not the smartest choice as I was a bit regretting it come fall and my freshman year of college, but, Man! It was awesome for the summer! No more sweat rolling down my forehead and no more heat rashes on my neck. Every summer, I wish I could do that again, but then I am reminded of the pain in the butt inbetween styles I had to put up with, and I just don't want to deal with that again.

(The Before) hair before

Also, please add in the fact that I have 2 young children and nanny for an additonal 3 young children. I have no time (or will) to take a shower most days, much less spend 5 minutes drying my hair. I had one very awesome stylist that was able to thin my hair out enough that it was manageable for me, but then she went and got married and then moved away. Geez! Why wasn't she thinking about me! Since then, I have suffered through 9 stylists who much up my hair everytime. Seriously, I've paid anywhere from $7 to $45 for a haircut and spent anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours in a stylist's chair with no one being able to replicate the results of this favorite stylist. So, I've decided to stop hating my hair and to stop making these poor girls try to fit in someone else's shoes. I'm going to do something totally different.

My requirements:
1) My hair must not hang on my neck
2) My hair must look good after 3 days of no showers
3) My hair maintenance must take less than 5 minutes a day and preferrably not require product of any sort
4) My hair must be versatile and be both a "mommy cut" and "smoking hot wife cut"

Idea: A permed bob. A cut that will create some volume so that my unwashed hair is not limp on my scalp. A style that won't require me to do anything to it but tossle dry on days that I don't have time, but allows for some more detailed styling on days that I really want to play with my hair.

So I brought these four pictures to my new stylist. Yeah, a big leap to hand over a more delicate process to someone brand new to me, but I haven't fallen in love with any of the other ladies that I've visited, so why not? I'm aware that one of these is not actually a perm or naturally curly hair, but rather a curled style, but these pictures were brought as a "please don't make me curlier than this" guide.

Okay, my stylist turned out to be super awesome at my hair! He wasn't much of a in didn't say two words to me at all, other than, "So you want a perm?" And it was kind of nice to sit in peace and quiet for once! I love the final result, and I think it's a super easy style. I told him I wanted "beachy," and I think that just about describes the tightness of the curl! In fact, you can actually see my (months old) highlights much better now.

(The After) Haircut afterwards

Do you love it too?


  1. I DO love it!!
    I have been wanting to get my hair permed for so long but was always told that you couldn't get the looser wave/curl with a perm!

    Glad you finally found a good stylist...I'm still searchin' for mine, LoL!

    To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. - - Chinese Proverb

  2. Hi there, I was thinking about doing something similar to my hair, but didn't know how it would turn out. After finding your blog and seeing your picture, I decided to go for it. So I cut it from below my waiste to this style. It looks lovely and I couldn't be happier. So thanks for your blog, photo and story helping mine turn out fun n cute too! ;) Claire xx

  3. Hi there,
    I'm in the same boat as the girl above, I'm thinking about getting a perm on my super fine stick straight hair and your blog came up in google. I'm wondering though, as it is kind of hard to tell in the picture, about how much shorter does your hair look now due to the perm? It looks amazing BTW!

    1. Sara,
      From my first picture, where my hair was sitting just on top of my shoulders, my stylist cut off 1 inch. The perm, since it was so loose, really didn't take up much length. I wanted it cut to chin length, maybe a bit shorter, but it ended up about an inch longer than that. So, the perm took up 1 inch of length.
      Hope that helps! I do really love the perm! The trick is to finding someone who knows how to cut curly hair then. In order to get the most fullness, you'll want to cut the layers into the top of the hair, as opposed to underneath it like you would with stick straight hair.

  4. With summer coming up I was trying to also find a way of shortening my hair without hacking it all off. My hair is shoulder length right now just as yours was. I have been so iffy about actually getting a perm and have spent a ton of time trying to look through photos/read other's experiences to decide if I should go for it. After seeing this I am totally convinced that this would be perfect, your hair turned out so cute!

    Do you know anything about what size rollers your stylist used or what type of perm this was? I'm really worried about going into a salon and walking out with something completely different than what I expected. So any information would be amazing!

    1. I can't remember anymore what size rollers were used (I know some were pale pink and some were pale green). What I did was take the pictures of the celebrities/hair models that I have pictured and told my stylist that is what I wanted. I saw a student stylist, so it shouldn't be difficult for a more experienced one to know exactly what you want!