Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cleaning Up

There is something so luxurious about using handknit items while doing household chores. There's also nothing quite so satisfying as actually completing a project!

I have about one hour of dedicated time to myself everyday while the boys take their afternoon naps. It doesn't leave me much time to get everything accomplished that I used to get done pre-baby, but it does help me to feel as if I can breathe on my own again. I pulled out my knitting bag, and emptied it of all complicated projects: my sweater will have to wait until I have the time to count cables and rows and stitches; my socks will have to wait until the pregnancy short-term memory loss is cured (when does that go away?!) and I can remember what kind of heel I was turning; and my shawl will remain in the design stages. Instead, I stuffed it with cotton yarn and the intention of making several 8" squares to use as dishcloths.

  1. Garterlac Dishcloth in Sugar 'n Cream (Rosewood)
  2. Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth in Sugar 'n Cream (cream)
  3. Pawprint Dishcloth in Sugar 'n Cream (yellow)
  4. 4 Corners Dishcloth in Peaches 'n Cream (shades of green) in progress

My husband says we don't need anymore dishcloths. I beg to differ.


  1. So you inspired me to knit a 4 corners dishcloth since I have no time but want something to keep my hands busy and destress. One question: Why did she chose a 19 stitch pattern. What's wrong with a nice even 20 stitches?

  2. could not find the paw print dishrag pattern