Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One smart little cookie:

My son is a pretty smart little 2 year old, if I say so myself. I'm amazed that we don't have more tantrums because our inability to always clearly communicate with each other. Every day he has a new way to express what he's thinking and I'm just wowed by how his brain works. I'll let you in to a little conversation we had tonight.

Benjamin wants me to read him a story.
Me: "Honey, I will read you a story in 5 minutes. It's time to give Miriam some medicine." (Miriam has an ear infection.)
Benjamin: "Yeah, Momma. Miriam's tummy hurts." (He's remembering from when he last got medicine because his tummy hurt when he had rotavirus last month.)
Me: "Yeah, something like that. Her head hurts."
Benjamin: "It's okay. Momma make it better."
Me: "Yes, Momma will make it better."
Benjamin: "Yup, Momma's good. Momma fix it."

About a half hour later, when Miriam was finally succumbing to the affects of the pain medication and had stopped fussing so badly, Benjamin goes up to her and pats her on the head.
Benjamin: "All better Miriam? All better?"
Me: "Yep, Miriam feels better now."
Benjamin: "Oh, good. Now go asleep, Baby. It's time for popcorn!" (We've been having popcorn as a snack after Miriam goes to bed.)

See, isn't his mind just amazing?!

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