Friday, October 28, 2011

Benjamin's Pumpkin

Benjamin took great care in picking out this pumpkin.  He wanted to be sure to get a small pumpkin, "just my size."  And he picked up nearly 2 dozen pumpkins to determine if they were the right size.

This morning, we carved his pumpkin.  I scooped out the guts last night, so it was all ready to go for him. I gave him a crayon and he colored on the face for me to cut out.  I did the cutting, he did the poking out of the pieces.

Benjamin's pumpkin 2011

I placed a lit candle inside for him to see it all "spooky, spooky!"  He immediately blew it out and said, "Now we can have birthday cake!!"

Benjamin's pumpkin 2011

Tonight, he made us sing "Happy Birthday" to the pumpkin before he blew out the candle.  :-)

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