Monday, October 24, 2011

Striped Earflap Hats

I have a goal to knit my kids their winter hats every year.  This year, they got matching hats!

Benjamin's and Miriam's Earflap Hats

Benjamin loves the pom-pom.  It's his "favorite."
Benjamin's Earflap Hat

Miriam likes to play dress-up, so she adores wearing hats because they make her feel pretty!
Miriam's earflap hat

This is a great hat.  It's so fun to knit, and apparently fun to wear!  I would have knit enough hats for the whole family if I thought my husband would wear a hat. :-)

You can knit one too!  The Striped Earflap Hat pattern fully explains how to do jogless stripes and how to add the crochet edging to the hat.  A garter stitch edging is also included as an alternative option.  Details for how to make the ties and pom-pom are also included.  The pattern includes instructions for knitting sizes from newborn (14" head) all the way to large adult (24" head) using a DK weight yarn.


  1. How adorable! I love that you are planning to knit them hats every year. You should keep them and take a photo of the progression when they turn 18.

  2. Thanks Alicia! That is an awesome idea. :-) I just hope the hats stand up to wash and wear so that they can be passed down to my grandkids!