Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting Goals

So, last week didn't quite go as planned, but such is life!  When making my goals for last week, I really overestimated my ability to get anything done with two toddlers.  In my attempts to unpack, they just undid everything I accomplished!  I would put something in the kitchen cabinet, turn my back to pick something else out of the box, and my two little "helpers" would have emptied the entire cabinet!

I quickly gave up hopes of actually getting unpacked (I mean, what's the point? We're moving in August again anyway, God willing.), and turned my attentions to other things.  It was freezing here last week, so I did some knitting on my scarf.  I didn't get all 20 repeats done, but I did get 16 of them knit! I didn't take the kids out to play in the snow, but Chris did.  I didn't do laundry every day, but the laundry all got done.

I reworked our budget this past week.  (I'm not sure I publicly stated, but I've been out of a job since early December.)  By the grace of God, we're not even wanting for anything!  Yet, I thought it would be even better if I renewed my focus on finding a job.  We do have some debt, and if I brought in a paycheck, we could pay it off even faster.  I also decided to do a very detailed menu plan to ensure we don't cave and go out to eat because we weren't prepared.  Because of this, I was able to increase our grocery budget but a little.  (I have only recently discovered just how much my children eat now that I'm feeding them only out of my pantry.  I hate to see what they're going to be like as teenagers!)

So, my goals for this week are going to be much less lofty than last week.

1. Do one load of laundry everyday. (I'm going to keep working on this one until it's a habit.)
2. Finish putting the kitchen away.  (It's getting seriously annoying with the boxes in the way.)
3. Stick to the menu plan.

4. Take them to a library story-time. (It's time we meet some new friends in our new town!)

5. Plan something we can do after the kids have gone to bed. (Didn't do this last week.)

6. Knit 15 rows on my Spectra scarf.  (I want to finish it this winter yet!)

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